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Press release of Classis Alberta (Neerlandia) convened on February 8, 2024
February 21, 2024 Neerlandia February 2024
The Classis was opened in a Christian manner, with prayer to God thanking him for the recent ordination of Rev. Kos, and asking for God’s blessing on the approval of candidate Emadjeu’s call and his peremptory exam, Rev. Huijgen’s retirement in April, Rev. S. Van Leeuwen’s transition to Kerwood in…
Press release of Classis Niagara (Contracta) (Grassie Covenant) convened on February 7, 2024
Br. Ben Helder, chairman of convening church, Covenant Canadian Reformed Church of Grassie, led in opening devotions. He read Psalm 99 and led in prayer. He then invited those present to sing Psalm 95: 1, 3. The credentials were found to be in good order and classis was constituted. The…
Candidate Mark Vanderlinde sustains peremptory examination
February 10, 2024 Orangeville Mark Vanderlinde
Candidate Mark Vanderlinde sustained his peremptory examination at Classis Northern Ontario on February 2, 2024. The Lord willing, he will be ordained to the ministry in the Orangeville Canadian Reformed Church on Sunday, February 25, 2024 in the morning worship service (9:30 AM).
Press release of Classis Northern Ontario (Orangeville) convened on February 2, 2024
February 10, 2024 Orangeville February 2024
On behalf of the convening church Rev. Theo Wierenga opening the meeting in a Christian manner. We remembered in prayer the continuing vacancies in our classis, the churches who have recently received ministers, and asked for a blessing over the exam of br. Vanderlinde. After examining the credentials and finding…
Press release of Classis Pacific West (Langley Refuge) convened on January 11, 2024
On behalf of Refuge the convening church, Rev. Randall Visscher welcomed the delegates as well as Rev. Rick Vanderhorst. He then read 1 Peter 5:1-11 and opened in prayer. 

Delegates from Refuge, Langley and Smithers were present via zoom. The credentials were found to be good order and the classis…
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