Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise

General Synod 2016 (Dunnville) gave the Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise (SCBP) the following mandate: 
  1. To foster an increased awareness of the Book of Praise among others in the English-speaking world; 
  2. To maintain contact with our Australian sister-churches to assist them in the possible publication of their own Book of Praise
  3. To maintain its corporate status in order to protect the interest of the Canadian Reformed Churches in matters concerning the Book of Praise
  4. To communicate with the churches regarding copyright issues concerning the Book of Praise
  5. To maintain its archives and website; 
  6. To monitor the development of a joint OPC-URCNA songbook and when possible to provide the churches with a sense of this new song book’s composition, quality, and theological accuracy; 
  7. To receive, scrutinize and evaluate the contents of correspondence from the churches and to report to the next General Synod as to the validity of the suggestions made (as per GS 2016 Art. 122); 
  8. To seek, receive, evaluate and recommend proposals for changes to the hymn section to be compiled for possible submission to a future Synod (as per GS 2016 Art. 122).


Hymns - 2010 APV
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Psalms - 2010 APV
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