An Opening Prayer for the Meetings of the Deacons

Merciful God and Father, you have not only declared that we will always have the poor with us, but have also commanded us to support them in their need. You have ordained the service of deacons for your church, in order that the needy members may receive the necessary support. You have called us to the office of deacon in this congregation, and we are now assembled in your name to deal with the matters pertaining to our office. We humbly implore you to dwell among us with the Spirit of discretion. Grant us his help, that we may be able to establish who are the ones that are truly in need. Lead us to them and help us to distribute the offerings that have been collected in a spirit of joy, fidelity, and liberality.

Kindle fervent love for the needy in the hearts of your people, that they may generously contribute to them as your stewards. Grant us sufficient means to bring relief to the needy. May we discharge the duties of our office as Christ’s ministers of mercy.

Give us your grace to relieve needs by means of material gifts and to instill the comfort of your holy Word into the hearts of the afflicted, that they may put their trust in you alone. Bless, we pray, our work of mercy that we all may praise and thank you, while we await the blessed appearance of your Son, Jesus Christ, who became poor for our sakes that he might enrich us with eternal treasures.

In his name we pray. Amen.

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