A Closing Prayer for Ecclesiastical Assemblies

Lord God, heavenly Father, we thank you that in the gathering and preservation of your church in our country you are pleased to use our services. You have graciously ordered all things so that your gospel can be preached without hindrance and we may engage in public worship and have our ecclesiastical assemblies. At the close of this meeting we humbly ask forgiveness for the shortcomings and sins which did not remain hidden from your eyes. We bring thanks for the good we received from your fatherly hand. Will you, O faithful God and Father, bless all decisions taken in agreement with your holy Word. Preserve your church by the purity of doctrine, by the proper administration and use of the sacraments, and by the faithful exercise of church discipline.

Destroy all wicked counsels conceived against your Word and church, and strengthen the ministers to preach your gospel boldly and steadfastly.

Give perseverance to the overseers and the deacons, that they may be a blessing to your people through the faithful administration of their offices.

Bless our Queen and her house, that she may reign by your wisdom. So govern the civil authorities that they may rule in justice and with wise restraint. May their rule be directed to your supremacy as the King of both rulers and subjects. Let in this way the shameful and wicked dominion of Satan be increasingly broken down. Grant that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life, godly and respectful in every way.

Hear us, O God and Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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