Press release of Classis Pacific West (Langley Refuge) convened on April 25, 2024

1. Opening
On behalf of the convening church at Refuge, Rev.R.Visscher opened the meeting with the reading of Acts 15:1-11, singing Psalm 122:1,3 and prayer. By way of memorabilia he mentioned the arrival of Rev.R.Vanderhorst to the church in Smithers, as well as the call declined by Rev.J.Bruintjes to the church at Surrey-Maranatha and the call extended by Cloverdale to Rev.G.Bruintjes. 

2. Constitution of Classis
The delegates from the church at Langley examined the credentials and found them to be in good order, noting that there were instructions from one church. Classis was declared constituted, and Rev.H.Alkema was appointed as chairman (in the absence of Rev.Lee), Rev.A.Plug as vice-chairman, and Rev.R.Visscher as clerk.

3. Adoption of the Agenda
After some minor additions, the agenda was adopted.

4. Correspondence Received

a. Letter from Langley - A letter was received from the council of Langley regarding financial support of members from other churches in the federation who move to Manoah Manor. Advice was given for the Langley Diaconate.

b. Letter from Providence, Edmonton - A letter was received from Providence, Edmonton, regarding hosting of Regional Synod West. This was taken for information.

c. Letter from Classis Manitoba - A letter was received for information from Classis Manitoba regarding ecumenical relations with the URCNA Classis Southwest. After a discussion, the deputy for Ecclesiastical Relations was tasked with writing a letter to the Committee on Ecumenical Relations for clarity on ecclesiastical relations in general.

d. Letter from Langley – a letter was received from Langley regarding the report from the CPW regulations study committee.

e. Letter from Rev. R. Vanderhorst – a letter was received from Rev. R. Vanderhorst regarding signing the subscription form.

5. Signing the Form of Subscription
Rev. R. Vanderhorst will sign the form of subscription at the next classis. 

6. Proposals or Instructions from the Churches (CO art 33)
A request was received from Smithers asking for advice on sending two pastors as delegates to classis, with one acting in an advisory capacity. Advice was given to Smithers from classis. 

7. Reports

a. Church visitation reports – Church visitation reports for Houston, Smithers, and Prince George will be presented at the next classis meeting.

b. CPW regulations study committee – A report was received from the committee. The report was briefly discussed and will be submitted again to the next classis in order to give the churches more time to interact with the report.

c. Committee for Financial Aid to Needy Churches – the committee reported with thankfulness that there have been no requests for financial support from churches within the classis. The committee also presented an updated report as requested by Classis September 23. This report was briefly discussed and will be submitted again to the next classis to give the churches more time to interact with the report.

d. Classical Treasurer – The treasurer, Br.J.J.Kuik, reported that sufficient funds were available to cover expenses in the past year. The treasurer was discharged from his responsibilities for the year ending December 31, 2023. The assessment for the year 2024, is $12.50 per communicant member.

e. Church for auditing the books of the Treasurer – The church at Cloverdale reported that the books of the treasurer were in good order.

f. Church for inspection of the archives – The church at Houston reported that the classical archives as kept by the church at Smithers are in order.

6. Question Period (Article 44)
The chairman asked the delegates the questions from Article 44 (CO) and the delegates answered in turn. Under the provisions of this article, advice was requested by one church and granted by Classis. 

7. Mission: Fraternal Apprisal
An opportunity was given for the churches to give an update on their local outreach efforts and support for foreign mission. 

8. Appointments
See appendix 1 of the press release (in attached PDF).

9. Closing
Personal question period was made use of. Censure according to Article 34 of the Church Order was not deemed necessary. The Acts were read and adopted, and the Press Release was read and approved. The chairman closed Classis with prayer, after which the delegates stood to praise God with the singing of Hymn 8. 

For Classis Pacific West,
A. Plug (vice-chairman at that time)
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