Press release of Classis Niagara (Niagara South) convened on December 13, 2023

December 13, 2023 Niagara South December 2023
On behalf of the convening church, Niagara South, Rev Offringa opened the meeting in a Christian manner. In prayer he remembered Rev Swaving’s improving health, Dunnville West’s call to Rev James Sinke, the vacancies in the classis, the acceptance of the call extended to Rev John Louwerse by Grassie, the completion of the major renovations at Lincoln, the purchase of a church building by Niagara South, and CRTS as they finish another semester.

Upon the constitution of Classis, Rev Rodney Vermeulen was appointed as chairman, Rev Ruurd Offringa as vice-chairman, and Rev Daniel Shin as clerk.

The agenda was adopted, and the chairman asked each of the churches the Article 44 questions. All churches affirmed that the ministry of the office-bearers is being continued and that the decision of the major assemblies were being honoured. One church asked for advice in relation to change in church counselor and another church in relation to discipline. Both received advice, the latter in closed session.

The church of Smithville submitted a proposal to address the concern that churches are not following the decisions of the major assemblies. After discussion it was decided to appoint Smithville to investigate the truth of the claims and explore the most brotherly path forward.

Classis appointed the church of Smithville to convene the next classis, to be held on 20 March 2024, with 12 June 2024 as alternative date, and suggested officers for that classis.

Brs Carl Oosterhof and Tony Linde were appointed to the Committee of Appeals as second and third alternatives, respectively. Br Bill Heemskerk was appointed to serve as a Deputy for Contact with Neighbouring Classes/Presbyteries.

After question period, the acts were adopted, the press release approved, and Rev Vermeulen led closing devotions and closed classis.

Rev R Offringa

Vice-chair at the time

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