Press release of Regional Synod West (Chilliwack) convened on November 21, 2023

November 23, 2023 Chilliwack 2023
Regional Synod West 2023 was held on November 21, 2023 at Chilliwack Canadian Reformed Church. The chairman of the convening church at Chilliwack opened the meeting in a Christian manner. He read Psalm 111, and invited us to sing Hymn 79: 1, 2 and 3, upon which we beseech the LORD in prayer.

The Credentials were found to be in good order.
Manitoba, Rev. Carl VanDam(alt.), Rev. Rick VanderHorst, br. Lawrence Toet, br. Norm Veenendaal
Alberta, Rev. Jan Huijgen, Rev. Steve VanLeeuwen, br. Martin Leyenhorst, br. Ray Noot.
Pacific East, Rev. Ben Schoof, Rev. Rob Schouten, br. Richard Aikema, br. Ron DeHaan
Pacific West, Rev. Aiden Plug, Rev. Randall Visscher, br. Norm VanderHorst, br. Justin VanderPloeg
Regional Synod is properly constituted and the following officers are appointed, upon election. 
As chairman Rev. Schouten, as Vice-chairman Rev. Huijgen and as Clerk Rev. VanDam.
Regional Synod deals, in closed session, with 3 appeals and 2 late submissions relating to one of the appeals. 
The following reports are received with gratitude.
Reports were received from the Treasurer of Regional Synod West and the Church for auditing the books of the Treasurer. The treasurer is properly discharged of the year reported on.
Reports from the Church for inspecting the archives of Regional Synod West. The archives are in good order.
The report of deputies RSW reported on a peremptory examination and a retirement.
Br. John Moedt is reappointed as the RSW treasurer.
The Church of Coaldale is reappointed for Auditing the books of the Treasurer.
The Church of Edmonton Providence is reappointed for keeping the Archives.
The Church of Edmonton Immanuel is reappointed for inspecting the Archives.
The appointments for deputies ad Art. 48 C.O. are: 
Classis Pacific West: D. Vandeburgt (alt. R.C. Janssen, 2nd alt. H. Alkema)   
Classis Pacific East: W.M. Wielenga (alt. R. Schouten, 2nd alt. D. Deboer
Classis Alberta: J. VanSpronsen, (alt. S. VanLeeuwen, 2nd alt. M. TenHaaf)   
Classis Manitoba: J. Poppe (alt. J. Slaa, 2nd alt. S.C. VanDam) 
The arrangements for the next RSW are that the Convening church will be Edmonton Providence D.V.
Date: November 19, 2024. 
Question Period is made use of and Censure ad Art. 34 C.O. is not needed to be exercised. 
The Acts are adopted and the Press Release approved.
The meeting is closed with reading Matthew 5: 1-16. singing and prayer.
For Regional Synod West 2023, Rev. J. Huijgen. Vice-chair e.t.
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