Press release of Regional Synod East (Guelph Living Word) convened on November 8, 2023

November 22, 2023 Guelph (Living Word) 2023
The meeting of the delegates was called to order in the Guelph - Living Word
building by Rev Jeff Poort. He led in opening devotions and examined the
credentials and found them to be in good order. Regional Synod East was
declared constituted. The following brothers serve as chairman – Rev. John
Ludwig, as vice-chairman – Rev. John Louwerse, as clerk – Rev. John Van
The chairman thanked the convening church for the work done in preparation of
Regional Synod. The agenda was adopted. Regional Synod East entered into
closed session to deal with an appeal. After discussion, Synod answered the
Regional Synod received with thankfulness the treasury report. The proposed
assessment of $ 5.00 per communicant member is adopted. Each church should
send this assessment to its classis treasurer (who will then forward this the
treasury church of Regional Synod East.) Regional Synod received the reports
from deputies that gave concurring advice on the retirements of Revs. M.H.
VanLuik and E. Kampen. Regional Synod discharged the deputies appointed by
the previous Regional Synod.

The following appointments were made:
The Treasury Church for Regional Synod East: Grassie - Covenant.
The Church for the Inspection of the books of the treasury: Lincoln - Vineyard.
Deputies ad Article 48 C.O: 
From Classis Central Ontario for Classis Northern Ontario and Classis Niagara:
Rev. Clarence Vandervelde;
First alternate: Rev. Anthony Roukema
Second alternate: Rev. Ian Wildeboer
From Classis Northern Ontario for Classis Central Ontario and Classis Western Ontario
Rev. Marc Jagt;
First alternate: Rev. Theo Wierenga;
Second alternate: Rev. Jeff Poort
From Classis Niagara for Classis Central Ontario and Classis Ontario West
Rev. Dick Wynia;
First alternate: Rev. Rodney Vermeulen
Second alternate: Rev. Rolf DenHollander
From Classis Ontario West for Classis Northern Ontario and Classis Niagara
Rev. John Louwerse
First alternate: Rev. Ken Kok
Second alternate: Rev. John VanWoudenberg
The Church to maintain the archives: Toronto - Bethel.
The Church to inspect the archives: Brampton - Grace.
The Church to convene the next Regional Synod on November 13, 2024: Hamilton - Providence.

Question period was not used. The chairman judged that censure was not
necessary. The Acts were adopted and press release was approved. The chairman
led in closing devotions and declared Regional Synod East closed.
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