Press release of Classis Pacific West (Langley) convened on September 21, 2023

September 27, 2023 Langley September 2023
Rev. Aidan Plug opened with devotion. We read from Psalm 125 and sang from Psalm 125 stanza 1. Rev. Plug remembered three vacancies, Cloverdale, Surrey Maranatha, and Smithers (second pastor). Classis was declared constituted.

Rev. K. Janssen serving as chair, Rev. Lee as vice. Rev. Plug as the clerk.

Given a proposal from one of the churches, Classis decided:

To appoint a study committee of 3 people to identify issues surrounding the convening and meeting of classis and investigate and propose options for resolving said issues  (including matters such as setting up the agenda, understanding regulations, procedures, meeting deadlines, archiving for classis). This committee will bring a report to a future classis.
With regards to pulpit supply for vacant churches, the brothers discussed various matters on mechanisms on pulpit supply. 
The classis granted once a month pulpit supply to Cloverdale and Maranatha. 
Rev. Plug gave a short report on his on going work on keeping contact with the OPC. 
For the Regional Synod 2023, the classis appointed Rev. R.Visscher and Rev. A.Plug as delegates, Rev Vandeburgt as primary alternate and Janssen as second alternate.
Also, the classis appointed Elder J.Vanderploeg and Elder N.Vanderhorst. as primary,
P.Struik and J.Kuik as secondary.
A study report was received from the Committee for Financial Aid to Needy Churches (CFANC). Appreciation was expressed for the report and the research done by the committee. Classis requested the committee to expand on its report.
The chairman asked the delegates about their ongoing mission work (domestic or abroad) and each church reported their ongoing mission works.

The classis appointed new members for the committee for appeals. 
Next classis will be convened by Refuge, December 21, Lord willing.
Sept 21 2023, Rev. H. Lee, the vice.
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