Press release of Classis Ontario West (Glanbrook Trinity) convened on September 13, 2023

Opening of Classis

On behalf of the church of Trinity-Glanbrook, Rev. J. VanWoudenberg opened the meeting by reading from Psalm 46 and by asking the delegates to sing the same song. He remembered the following matters in prayer: the passing of Dr. N. Gootjes; the retirement of Dr. A. DeVisser; the installation of Dr. R. Bredenhof; the recent convocation of CRTS; the honourable release from service in Classis Ontario West of Rev. D. Feenstra; the health circumstances of Rev. J. Temple; the continued vacancy of Grace CanRC (Kerwood); the needs of the students who had presented themselves for examination. The credentials were examined and found to be in good order. Classis was declared constituted.

The following brothers took their places as executive: chairman – Rev. K. Kok; vice-chairman – Rev. J. Temple; clerk – Rev. T. VanBeek. Rev. Kok thanked the church of Trinity-Glanbrook for convening classis and completing all the preparatory work. The agenda was adopted with minor revisions.

Licensure Examinations:

Two CRTS students presented sermon proposals and each proposal was deemed sufficient to proceed with the examination in doctrine and creeds. After being examined the following brothers were granted permission to speak an edifying word in the churches: Br. Adrian Tams and Br. Quentin Vandermeulen. Classis joyfully took the opportunity to thank the LORD in prayer and to congratulate these brothers.

Question Period ad Art. 44 CO:

All the churches indicated that they are continuing the ministry of the office-bearers, as well as honouring the decisions of the broader assemblies. No church requested advice on any matters related to the government of their congregations.


A report was received from Ancaster CanRC regarding the annual assessment for the Fund For Needy Churches. Classis adopted Ancaster’s recommendation to set the classical assessment for this fund at $20/PCM. A further report was received from Ancaster CanRC regarding the audit of the financial records of the Fund for Needy Churches. This report was received with thankfulness for the LORD’s provision, and Ancaster was discharged of its responsibility for the period covered by the report. A report was received from the church visitors on their visit to Ebenezer CanRC (Chatham). This report was also received with thankfulness for the LORD’s care and provision. Finally, a report was received from Br. Brian Vanderhout (the classical treasurer) and Classis accepted his recommendation regarding the annual classical assessment of $5/PCM.


Classis adopted a proposal received from Pilgrim (London) recommending that the practice of archiving physical copies of the credentials be discontinued.


The Grand Rapids ARC was appointed as the convening church for the next classis on 13 December 2023, with 6 March 2024 as an alternate date. Suggested officers for the next classis are Rev. J. Temple (chair); Rev. T. VanBeek (vice-chair); Rev. J. VanWoudenberg (clerk). The following elders were delegated to attend Regional Synod (2023): Brs. Wayne Vanderwoude & George Bartels; Art Witten & Peter Engbers (alternates). The following ministers were delegated to attend Regional Synod (2023): Rev. J. Louwerse & Rev. J. VanWoudenberg; Rev. P. Holtvluwer & Rev. J. Temple (alternates). Rev. K. Kok was appointed as convenor for the organization of church visits. The Revs. K. Kok, J. Louwerse & J. VanWoundenberg were appointed as the Committee For Examinations.

Closing of Classis

Personal question was made use of. With thankfulness, the chairman could conclude that the meeting had been conducted in a spirit of harmony and that there was no need for Christian censure (cf. Article 34 CO).

The Acts and the Press Release were each read and approved by the assembly. The chairman then led in thanksgiving prayer and classis was declared closed.

For Classis Ontario West 13 September 2023 - Rev. J. Temple (vice-chairman at that time)
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