Candidate Chauncey Knegt available for call

May 13, 2021
The Lord continues to bless our congregation (Yarrow CanRC) with the services of Candidate Chauncey Knegt while our pastor remains in the Lord's hands during his illness and treatment.  We are thankful to the Lord for the services of Candidate Knegt during this difficult time, but we do wish to let the churches know that our brother Knegt is still available for call to the churches!  We're thankful for his solid Christ centered preaching and what he's brought to our covenant youth through the teaching of catechism this past year. It's been a period of growth for Chauncey and his wife Emily, and we're also thankful that they continue to be active living members in our congregation.

For more information please contact Marty VanderWel at, or contact Candidate Chauncey Knegt directly at or at (289) 455-4418.
On behalf of Yarrow Consistory
Chairman, M. VanderWel
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