COVID-19 related worship service arrangements

March 19, 2020
Brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ:

We are currently in the middle of uncertain and unsettling times with the recent COVID-19 developments, but we know Jesus Christ is the true and certain king of creation and that God is the God of peace (Revelation 3:14, 1 Thessalonians 5:23). The LORD is sovereign and we rest in him in the middle of the brokenness of this fallen creation.

The COVID-19 related social distancing measures have significantly disrupted the regular weekly rhythm of the means of grace in the local church and we encourage people to participate in the ministry of the gospel at their local church as much as possible. If, however, your church does not offer streaming services, or you are looking for a place online where you can find the faithful proclamation of the gospel of God’s grace for us in Jesus Christ, we have compiled a list of the Canadian Reformed Churches who are offering streaming services or sermons. This list is being continually updated and can be found here.
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