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CRTS Conference Evening Lectures, Jan 16-17: Discipling the Nations, via Livestream

January 15, 2020
Everything is ready to go for the annual CRTS Conference, but we want to ensure that everyone knows that they are invited to our two free evening lectures, both beginning at 8PM in the Ebenezer CanRC building in Burlington.

On Thursday Jan 16, Dr. Arjan De Visser and Rev. Ryan DeJonge will make back-to-back presentations on “Preaching the Gospel in Lands Beyond You: Paul’s Vision for World Mission” and “Work Undone and Fields Unwon: Why Global Missions Needs to be More of a Priority for All of Us.”

Then on Friday Jan 17, Rev. Jim Witteveen will address the whole matter of mission and liturgy under this intriguing title: “Louis Bourgeois or Luiz Gonzaga: Contextualizing Worship in Foreign Mission.”

The speeches will also be available via livestream at:  They will also be available as recordings on the website shortly after the speech is finished.
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