Committee on Ecumenical Relations (CER)

The general mandate for the CER is as follows:

  • To continue contact with churches with whom we are in ecumenical relations;
  • To send an appropriate number of delegates to represent the CanRC churches at the International Conference of Reformed Churches (ICRC) and North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC);
  • To work in consultation with individual CanRC churches and classes that maintain contact with churches for which the CER also has a mandate;
  • Upon request, to advise CanRC churches regarding the identity of other churches and our relationship with them;
  • To report on any contact with a church with whom we are not in an ecumenical relationship;
  • To appoint one of its members to validate and submit to the treasurer of the General Fund all expenses being submitted for committee work;
  • To submit its report to the churches six months prior to the convening of general synod (a supplementary report can be submitted if necessary);
  • To facilitate hospitality support for fraternal delegates and observers, in consultation with the convening church, at each general synod;

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