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Please note that news about calls will only be posted upon receipt of official notification from the minister receiving the call, or from the Council extending the call.

The Committee's mandate is:

  1. To maintain the existing website and associated technical functions.
  2. To revise the content of the website whenever necessary, in particular ensuring that the text of the Book of Praise is the same as that most recently adopted and revised by General Synod.
  3. To make synod reports available on the web before synod also for all members of the churches.
  4. To provide web services and email services to the churches and serve the churches with advice with regard to possibilities of setting up their own websites.
  5. To work toward making all the Acts of all the general synods available on the website in searchable format.
  6. To list the mission churches/preaching posts on the website.
  7. To serve Synod 2013 with a report to be sent to the churches at least six months prior to the beginning of Synod, including a financial statement and a proposed budget, and any recommendations regarding new content to be added to the website.


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