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Please note that news about calls will only be posted upon receipt of official notification from the minister receiving the call, or from the Council extending the call.

General Synod (Guelph) 2022 gave the committee the following mandate:
  1. To maintain the existing website and associated technical functions
  2. To revise the content of the website whenever necessary, including:
    1. Posting news items and documents upon submission by ministers and clerks of church councils, and by officers of ecclesiastical assemblies who are authorized to post press releases or news items related to classes, regional or general synods
    2. Annually auditing the site’s information against the yearbook
    3. Maintaining pages for synodical committees with their current mandates and contact information
    4. Making reports to general synods available on the web before the next general synod
  3. To make available English translations of all Dutch materials in the Acts of general
    synods of the Canadian Reformed Churches of 1954, 1958, 1962 and 1965, and
    submit expenses for this work to the General Fund
  4. To provide email forwarding from “” email addresses to personal email
    accounts for ministers, clerks, and others when requested by clerks of church
  5. To submit a report on its activities to the churches 6 months prior to the convening
    of the next general synod
  6. To function as the administrators of the minister email list
  7. To appoint one of its members to validate and submit to the treasurer of the
    General Fund all expenses being submitted for committee work


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