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St. Albert Lord’s Supper schedule change for July 2024
June 17, 2024 St. Albert
St. Albert Canadian Reformed Church’s Lord’s Supper celebration in July, usually scheduled for the second Sunday of the month, has been postponed one week and will instead take place on the third Sunday of the month, July 21, 2024.
Press release of Classis Pacific East (Sardis) convened on June 6, 2024
June 12, 2024 Sardis June 2024
Rev. Tim Veenstra, on behalf of the convening church, Sardis, called the meeting to order. Rev. Veenstra read from Psalm 107:23-32, and those present sang Psalm 107:1, 9, 11

The credentials were examined and it was reported that the churches were duly represented by their delegates.

Classis was constituted; the…
Press release of Classis Ontario West (Hamilton Providence) convened on May 22 and June 5, 2024
On behalf of the convening church, Providence Canadian Reformed Church in Hamilton, ON, Rev. Jeff Temple opened with Psalm 133. In prayer, he remembered the vacancy of Cornerstone (Hamilton), of the newly formed church in Caledonia, and of Grace (Kerwood), which, the Lord willing, will receive their new minister, Rev…
Press release of Classis Central Ontario (Burlington - Waterdown Rehoboth) convened on June 7, 2024
Pastor Clarence VanderVelde, on behalf of the convening church, Rehoboth, Canadian Reformed Church in Burlington/ Waterdown, welcomed the brothers and called the meeting to order. We sang Hymn 49: 1-4. He read Acts 2: 42-47, and led in opening prayer.

Pastor Clarence VanderVelde reported that Fellowship examined the credentials for…
Free Reformed Church of Melville calls Candidate Jacob Baijal
June 7, 2024 Jacob Baijal
The Free Reformed Church of Melville, Australia has extended a call to Candidate Jacob Baijal.
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