Committee for Church Unity - Coordinators

General Synod 2016 (Dunnville) gave the Committee for Church Unity - Coordinators (CCU-C) the following mandate:
  1. To seek ways to facilitate the work of building unity on the local level, as well as visiting churches and classes of the URCNA, particularly in the United States; 
  2. To discuss with CERCU how to make progress towards federative unity should Synod Wyoming mandate CERCU to pursue this; 
  3. To monitor any developments in the URCNA with respect to “doctrinal affirmations.” 

The Committee for Church Unity (CCU) consists of a number of coordinators and subcommittees:
  1. Coordinators for Canada East: the Rev. W. DenHollander, the Rev. C.J. Vandervelde 
  2. Coordinators for Canada West: the Rev. Dr. A.J. Pol, the Rev. W.B Slomp
  3. Subcommittees:
    1. Subcommittee for the Church Order: the Rev. Dr. G. Nederveen, G.J. Nordeman, the Rev. A.B. Roukema, the Rev. J. VanWoudenberg (convener), Dr. A. Witten;
    2. Subcommittee for Theological Education: Dr. B. Faber, the Rev. J.L. VanPopta (convener), K.J. Veldkamp, the Rev. Dr. G.H. Visscher;
    3. Common Songbook Committee: the Standing Committee for the Book of Praise ;
    4. Creeds and Forms Committee: the Rev. C. Bouwman (convener), the Rev. Dr. J. VanVliet, the Rev. Dr. T.G. VanRaalte.


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