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Candidate Dr. Jeff Temple called by Hamilton (Providence)
May 19, 2019 Hamilton (Providence)
Candidate Dr. Jeff Temple has been called by Providence CanRC (Hamilton) to serve as minsiter.
General Synod 2019: GKv decision
With sadness the General Synod 2019 of the Canadian Reformed Churches decided unanimously to discontinue the sister church relationship with the Reformed Churches in The Netherlands (GKv) and to implore the CanRCs to remain in prayer for the GKv. May the Lord have mercy on them and on us.
General Synod 2019: Day 5 - Monday Evening
Monday evening Rev. Dr. W. den Hollander, recently appointed as NT professor at CRTS, is to be at GS 2019, to address the delegates. To access the live feed for these events click here. (The OPC delegate is not arriving until after the close of the evening session, hence his speech is no longer on Monday evening.)
St. Albert's new church building is ready!
May 17, 2019 St. Albert
Beginning on Sunday, May 19th, the St Albert congregation will be worshiping at their new church building, located at 54203 Range Road 261.  The worship times will return to their normal times at 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM.
General Synod 2019: Day 4 - Friday
Synod members are meeting in advisory committees all day. The evening session will be plenary. There are no speeches scheduled for this session. Some of the agenda items this evening may happen in closed session (only office-bearers allowed). There will be no live streaming tonight.
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